Helping Out Your Community

Have you ever walked around your community and saw a whole bunch of trash on the ground? Well you can pick it up. Just picking up a little bit of trash can make a big difference in your community. Are you ever bored at your house and have nothing at all to do besides watch T.V.? Well here's what you can do. Get up off your behind and pick up trash around your house or even around your community. Do you have elderly neighbors who can't get around very well? You can help them by going out in their yard and pick up trash. (Just make sure you ask them first!) One big saying everyone should have in their life is reduce,reuse,recycle.

Here are some ideas that you can do....

-Put recycling cans around your house/community
-Go around your neighborhood on your bike and pick up trash
-When grilling use coal instead of gas/propane
-Have different cans for different types of recyclables
-Pick up/gather plastic toys around your yard when a storm comes